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Computer Cleanups and Repair - Web Griffins Design provides computer cleanups and repair!

Computer Clean-ups and Repair!

Web Griffins Design can clean those viruses and adware off your personal computer. Anti-virus software is a necessity in todays world and the Webgriffins can install the protection you need. This service is only currently available in our Northern NJ location...

Fast, friendly service is what you find at Web Griffins Design. Clean-ups are our specialty. We'll get rid of the spyware and viruses that slow your computer down or even stops it from working. We'll also bring your dead PC back to life. We'll install and/or update your current anti-virus program to keep your PC clean so this PC cleanup should be your last one.

Our PC Clean-up service provides...

  • Removal of Adware/Spyware - The internet is not a friendly place. Many websites install programs on your PC to track your surfing activity or to direct you to their websites and this Spyware or Adware may greatly slow your computer down. In some cases it will even disable your PC. We'll search for and destroy all of these programs and restore your PC to it's potential.
  • Removal of Viruses - Viruses not only can disrupt your browsing but they can do great harm to your PC and your privacy. Some virus can actually destroy your documents, pictures and music or even your PC's operating system. We'll remove all of the viruses from your PC and do our best to restore your files, even rebuild your operating system if necessary.
  • Removal of all "junk" - Many files are created on you PC over time by program installations, updates, and browsing the internet. These files are not always cleaned up by your computer and in time take up alot of space on your hard drive. We'll find and delete these unnecessary files, freeing up more space on your PC.
  • Recommendations for Upgrades - We'll thoroughly examine your PC and make recommendations for hardware upgrades when warranted.
  • Defragmentation - After all work is done on your PC the hard drive will be defragmented to improve its response time.

Business Owners take note, we want to support your business! We can provide installation, troubleshooting and upgrades for your hardware, software and networking. We can also custom build workstations and servers as well as provide complete backup solutions.

Call for a FREE Consultation
(973) 770-3412 or (352) 547-4026

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